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John Saunders

John Saunders was killed in action in 1953 and is listed as Missing In Action. This page is dedicated to his son

Ian Saunders for his unselfish effort to bring closure to his family and the families of the other brave Australian Servicemen who gave their young lives as the ultimate price in the Korean War.

We are still trying to find living relatives as our list below shows. If you know of any person related to our MIA's. with a No, in our list. Please contact us.

Ian Saunders. Korean War son of MIA.
Queensland Korean War Memorial

Ian Saunders with his Grandson Ian.

At: UNMC Pusan Memorial Wall.
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includes JP the son of a ROK KIA.

Australian Soldier Missing In Action Korea
  MIA 24 April 1951. 3/400143 CPL MURPHY William Kevin. Royal Australian Infantry Corps. 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
  Born: Ennis, County Clare, Ireland. 13 February 1921.
  Height: 5’ 9½” (1.76m) Weight: 137 Lbs (62Kg) Hair: Black Markings: Scar – Bridge of nose.

Last Known Position: GR CS 726933


During the Kapyong battle on 24 Apr 1951 L/Cpl Murphy, L/Cpl Devine and Pte Matchett were declared KIA by their Platoon Commander, Lt L.M. Montgomerie and Medic, Cpl J.T. McGivern. The bodies were placed together on B Coy 3 RAR’s withdrawal route at
GR CS 726933 and were last seen there by Cpl McGivern when he withdrew with B Coy at 1700 hrs. After B Coy's withdrawal
the enemy reoccupied the positions where the bodies had been left, and when they themselves withdrew, sometime after the battle,
all of the bodies with the exception of L/Cpl Murphy, were recovered, including L/Cpl Devine and Pte. Matchett. To date there has been
no sign of his body, or explanation as to why it was not recovered.


1. In the sworn statements by both Lt. Montgomerie and Cpl McGivern the Grid Ref where the three bodies were placed is shown
  as GR CS 726933.
  Though the inquest document shows GR CS 726923 in its conclusion, this reference is believed to be a typing error, as it is not
  mentioned or shown, in any of the witness statements made to the Inquest.
2. L/Cpl Devine is now laid to rest in Grave 978 next to Pte Matchett in Grave 979
  at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea (UNMCK).


Chuchon 1:50,000


Web: Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War: www.koreanroll.gov.au/search.aspx
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