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Queensland Korean War Memorial

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JP Langbroek MP Surfers Paradise and Leader of the opposition

Remembering Australia’s war servicemen from conflicts past will assist a better understanding and avoiding conflicts we may face in the future. Therefore I would like to again reiterate my strong support for this application for funding  by the Association of Queensland Veterans Inc and encourage your  support for a successful application to be granted.

September 2009 and supported 10 July 2010


Deputy Consul General Chi Keun Son

Our consulate is willing to be involved with you provided that great project will be driven by a consensus of the Korean community Gold Coast and a support by Queensland Government under the auspices of the Australian Korean War Veterans of Queensland.

October 2009


The Hon Margaret Keech MP for Albert and Government Whip

The memorial, to be established on the Gold Coast, has my full support and I am very keen to be available to assist both you and the Committee in ensuring the progression of the plans for this memorial. In supporting the financing and construction of the memorial, I would welcome your advice as to how I can further assist the Committee in achieving its goals.

December 2009


The Hon Alan Griffin MP Minister for Veteran Affairs

When the memorial design is approved and final costings are known, I would be pleased to consider a proposal to contribute some funding towards the cost of the memorial.

February 2010-07-19 and supported by Brett Raguse MP for Forde 10 July 2010


Deputy Minister MooSeok Woo ROK Veteran Affairs.

In accordance with our policy for Korean War Veterans it is a very important and meaningful project for both the Government of Queensland State, Australia and the Republic of Korea to build the Korean War Memorial in the heart of the Gold Coast city to honour and remember the Korean War Veterans. The Korean Government, Republic of Korea will make every effort to provide any support to make this project a success.

Meeting 10 July 2010


General Consul Kim

I also note that in his address Vice Minister Woo records the Korean Government’s willingness to make every effort to provide any support to make your project a success.

Meetimng 10 July 2010 and memo 13 July 2010


The Mayor Ron Clarke Gold Coast City Council

I can confirm Council is in support in principal of a Korean War Memorial to be established within Cascade Gardens, Broadbeach Gold Coast.

Site and allocation confirmed full Council May 2010 and meeting 10 July 2010.


On behalf of the Premier, I can announce that in recognising this important occasion the Queensland Government is committed to financially supporting the construction of the memorial.

Meeting 10 July 2010


The Hon Anna Bligh MP Premier of Queensland

I am pleased to advise I have approved a grant of $25,000 towards the construction of the Australian Korean War Memorial on the Gold Coast.

June 2010 and meeting 10 July 2010





Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2010 9:33 AM

To: 'Mauri Pears'

Subject: Council resolution as discussed




Council's official resolution reads as follows:


Council minute CC10.0414.009



1.       That Council supports the intention of the Australian Korean War Memorial Qld

          Inc. to develop a memorial at Cascade Gardens Broadbeach.


2. That Council further notes that the memorial’s construction will be self-funded.


3. That Council in endorsing the war memorial commits to funding in the order of

          $5,000 per year for cleaning and maintenance and potential costs for periodic

          renovations in the order of $40,000 every 15-20 years noting these costs will

          increase by the relevant building price index or at least CPI with the present

          value of the commitment by Council over 20 years being approximately $120,000.


4. That Council’s Director Community Services determine appropriate conditions

           for final approval should the memorial proceed.


5. That the matter be referred to the Corporate Governance and Finance

          Committee as it commits Council to funding in future years.







Ross Greenwood

Executive Coordinator Parks

for the Chief Executive Officer


Gold Coast City Council

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PO Box 5042 Gold Coast Mail Centre Qld 9729